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Welcome to 

Less Stress, Less Anxiety, More Peace.


People who want on demand access to the tools, trainings and support that will help them reduce their stress, avoid burnout, have more energy, and thrive in their relationships all at an affordable price. 

Our lives are busy. Everyone needs something, there is always more to do, the bills are due, the kids need you, you need to make time for your partner, your family needs quality time, finances need balancing, you need to work out, the house, well…don’t even get me started on that one.


ITS ALOT and it never ends. No wonder we feel like we don’t have the SPACE.


But let me tell you something, if you don’t MAKE space, space to slow down, space to release, space to reconnect, space for calm, it catches up to you. It slows you down, you end up stressed, emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted, your body suffers, your health suffers, and your relationships suffer.


So really in creating space for yourself and for what really matters, you make time to be more productive and have a better-quality life.

And you deserve that.



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I created SPACE for the people who see the value in giving back to themselves, you value showing up as their best, who want access to the tools and resources to not only get back into balance but to MAINTAIN it and most importantly for the people who are ready to make positive long-lasting change in their life.

If You’re Done:


-Feeling Chronically Stressed or Burnt Out

-Overwhelmed or Anxious


-Low Energy

-Tired of Being Out of Balance




If You Want:


-24/7 Access to the Skills and Tools to Help You Manage Life Demands

-Tools to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

-Organizational Skills to Prevent and Reduce Overwhelm

-Learn How to Stay Connected to Your Center

-Find Emotional and Mental Balance CONSISTENTLY

-Sustain High Energy Levels

-And Regulate Your Nervous System



What’s INSIDE...

You get access to:


-Monthly trainings on various topics including stress management, emotional regulation, burn out recover, anxiety management, emotional release and regulation, energy management, empowerment work, relationship and familial support, organizational management and more!


-Access to our private member community where you will receive weekly and nearly DAILY coaching and consulting content on relevant and related topics.


-Access to all pre-recorded content to binge watch, reference when needed and to give you a little refresh.


-Monthly SPACE challenges around making time for yourself because pouring from an empty cup doesn’t work.


-Guided meditations and exercises for that month’s theme.


-And most importantly you get to create time and space for yourself.

Waiting For You In Our Members App

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SPACE 4.png
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SPACE 6.png


SPACE 7.png
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Don’t worry! If you can’t make the live recording all videos will be stored in the SPACE VAULT for 24/7 access!

Are You In?
It's a No Brainer, Right?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I have access to SPACE materials?


You will have access to the SPACE material including private members community access, membership subscription, and the VAULT materials and bonuses for the entire time your subscription is active and paid for.

How can I upgrade to an annual fee and save $$$?


We are so excited you’re thinking of spending the entire year with us!! You can absolutely upgrade to an annual membership by emailing our SPACE team at

How can I Cancel my subscription?


You are able to cancel your membership at any time by emailing our support team at but we hope you want to hang out with us forever!!

How do I plug in and get the most out of my access??


#1 – Clarity Flow App. This is the main hub of SPACE. Within this app, you can connect, and resource the MOST content, challenges, reminders and more!


#2 –  Member Portal on Our Site. Our members-only portal where you can access live trainings and workshops and get access to The VAULT where all of our pre-recorded content will be stored.


#3 – Member Vault. This is the container that has all the recorded content, bonuses, masterclasses you get access too. In your welcome email you received when you signed up, it shares your login and password to the member portal and the vault!

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SPACE 9.png


Join before January 31st 2024 and receive $100 off your monthly membership!

Thats $199.00 For:

-24/7 access to tools, skills and content to help you get back into balance fast!

-Live trainings and workshops on various topics all surrounding energy management, personal transformation, stress relief, relationship improvement, self-development, personal empowerment, PERMA happiness model and more! 

-Recordings of trainings and workshops for on demand access inside the vault.

-Access to our private members portal app

-Weekly, nearly daily new content added to the portal app

-Monthly challenges to help you build better habits

-And more! 

Terms and Conditions 


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