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Akasa Wellness Retreat 2024

Let's go to the jungle. ​Location: Bali, Indonesia


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Bali is a sacred island that holds a very special energy to it. It encompasses the epitome of what a spiritual and wellness journey would look like, and it cultivates a profound inner initiation that is hard to put into words…it’s quite literally a frequency. Here at Akasa Wellness, we thought it no better place to hold our yearly retreat than in Bali, Indonesia.


This retreat is called a frequency retreat because it is designed to align you with the energy of this sacred island and your higher self. After this retreat, you will be a renewed and elevated version of yourself that will assist you in bringing forth everything that you want and desire into your life.


This is a women’s only retreat where all you have to do is show up, and everything else is taken care of for you. We have designed this retreat with high intentionality, and with the power to transform you from the inside out.


Whether or not you are new to the spiritual and wellness world, or if you are more seasoned, this retreat is designed to meet you where you are and move you from a place of stagnation or comfort to elevation and alignment.

Bali 2.png

Over our 7-day journey together you will experience all of what Bali has to offer while being held in a safe and supportive container that will allow you to let go and rebirth the next level version of you.


You will have the experience of a sacred retreat, coupled with time to explore and have fun so that you get the full experience of the island.



Join me and 12 amazing women for a 7-day immersive experience September 8th-14th 2024.


***All excursion and villa photos are of the actual places. :)***

The Villa

The property that we have chosen for this experience is in fact two separate villas connected by a yoga shala in the center. You will have full and private access to the entire property, accompanied by an ensuite bedroom with private or shared bath, two infinity pools, a gym, outdoor and indoor lounge area, private massage rooms, fully equipped kitchens, a full house staff and more.


We have hired a private chef to cook 3 meals a day during your stay (when we do not dine out), including snacks, and we have several immersive workshops and experiences set up for you all. We wanted to ensure that you leave Bali feeling like you have soaked in all that it has to offer.

You will have your pick of a private ensuite bedroom with private bathroom or a shared bedroom with shared bathroom (shared bathrooms are shared with your roommate), and all bedrooms come equipped with a wardrobe, Wi-Fi, tv and personal air conditioner to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The property is set up to where everyone has their own private entrance to their bedroom off of the main, secure community areas and all bedrooms come with locks, lamps and additional seating areas in them. You are also able to receive free, daily housekeeping services and laundry is available on the premises.

The Villa

Bali 4.png

The Journey

Day 1




Theme: Clarity and Intention


Chakra: Crown


Color: Light Pink

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by Devon and her team, and you will have the opportunity to settle into your room. During the arrival period we will have snacks and drinks for you, as well as complementary massage therapist available for sessions. We suggest that you take this time to explore the grounds, unpack, rest, take a dip in the pool and begin to think about your overall intention for the retreat.

Opening Rose Quartz and Cacao Ceremony


Afterwards we will begin the opening ceremony down in the yoga shala. This ceremony will hold the intention and focus for your retreat. The intention of this retreat is to assist you in embodying the next level version of you while also being held in a sacred community. Each individual is expected to come with their own desires and intentions.


Cacao is a heart opening medicine derived from the cacao plant that assist you in connecting with your deeper being and will help you clarify your need or intention for the retreat. Even if you come to the retreat having no idea what you want to transform, this ceremony will help you become aware of what is most prevalent for you and help you ground your intention into a deeply connected awareness that feels aligned with your heart, mind and soul.

Bali 5.png

Welcome Dinner

Following the opening ceremony, we will hold the retreat welcome dinner where you will have the opportunity to sit down and get to know all the women in the group.


You are encouraged to wear the theme colors to every dinner and workshop if possible!  We want this retreat to be fun as well as transformative so feel free dress up or down as you wish! We believe the more you are all in the better your experience will be!

Evening communal meeting


Every evening there will be a group meeting for an hour, and we will discuss specific topics scheduled for that day.


In the group meeting we will play some fun games to get to know more about each other and connect!

Rest and Sleep

Bali 6.png

Day 2


Rise and Meditation


Theme: Vision and Focus


Chakra: Third eye


Color: Light purple


Day 2 starts off strong with morning group meditation in the yoga shala. We highly suggest that retreat participants stay aligned with the retreat schedule as best as possible so that you can really get out of the retreat the most you can. We have designed every detail with high intention and please know, that there is a reason we have everything set in place the way we do, even if it is not obvious to the naked eye! 


Our group meditations will consist of an anchoring light meditation to serve and support you, our group, your family and friends back home and the world. It’s a way to start your day being of deep service and connecting to something bigger than yourself.  We will follow group mediation with somatic meditation and visualization.


When it comes to somatic meditation, it is a powerful tool to use when creating a new version of yourself and a new path in life. Through somatic meditation, you begin to impress the subconscious mind in a new way, which is a vital but often overlooked step in creating real transformation. Devon will teach you about somatic meditation and you will begin to create the subconscious impressions needed to start the embodiment of whatever your intention is of the retreat.


We will hold morning meditation every day and it will last around 30 minutes, with the first day to last around an hour with the initial drop in and teaching.

Movement and Breakfast.

You will have access to two gyms on the property, the yoga shala for private practice and the two pools. Yoga mats and equipment is provided. We suggest that you spend some time each day doing a movement practice of your choice. Movement is a vital part of health, but also for transformation. Movement helps remove the stagnant energy in the body, which helps flushes the mental, emotional and energy systems within the body. This clarity that is created helps you ground new energies, actions and mindsets that are desired for your future self. We suggest that you take full advantage of this time and the property and do what your body feels called to do.


Breakfast is a very important meal of the day because it determines how well your digestion will go throughout the rest of your day. When you eat heavy, processed and sugary foods first thing in the morning, you are more likely be have brain fog, a decreased mood, less motivation and increased fatigue. Here you will be served a healthy breakfast to make sure you feel your best and are able to start your day off on the right foot. Following breakfast, you will have time to get ready for the day before the next scheduled workshop.

(Please be aware that all meals served will be vegetarian.)

Interactive Workshop with Devon.


Most days you will have a 90-minute class with Devon on the theme topic for the day. This time will be to assist you on the embodiment and transformation you are intending to receive during the retreat.


We will have class in the yoga shala, and the topics discussed will be aligned with the theme for that day.

bali 10.jpg

Sound Bath.


We have booked a private sound bath and lunch in Ubud. Sound healing has immense benefits, and we decided that what better way to help you create a clear vision, than to offer you a crystal, gong sound bath to clear your chakras.

Bali 11.png

Day 3


Rise and Meditation


Theme: Energy Shifting


Chakra: Throat Chakra


Color: Indigo Blue

Waterfall Tour, Rice Terrance and Jungle Swing.


We will be leaving the property early this day to go on a full day of excursions. We wanted to allow the group to experience the magic of Bali and really soak in all of its energy by immersing you in the jungles of the island. This day you get to do just that.

Day 4


Rise and Meditation: 7:00am


Theme: Speaking From the Heart


Chakra: Heart Chakra


Color: Green

Interactive Workshop, Healing and Readings.