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About Me

My name is Devon Blythe, and I am a body-mind coach, mentor and integration facilitator.  My mission is to assist in helping others heal, expand, and evolve their conscious awareness while providing access to the tools to do so. My undergraduate studies were pre-med, biology and mandarin at The University of Cincinnati. Since then, I have studied Body-Mind medicine under Dr. Keith Holden where I obtained my certification as a Body-Mind practitioner and facilitator.

 I have had extensive training in a wide variety of wellness and therapeutic practices such Internal Systems Therapy, Body-Mind Medicine, Emotional Trauma Completion, Consciousness Studies, Psychospiritual Studies, Spiritual Counseling, Somatic Experiencing, Life Coaching, Meditation, Emotional Mind Mapping, Energy Psychology, and Integrative Bodywork. I have been active in the field for almost a decade. I have and will continue to introduce new tools, perspectives, and insights to all I can.

I believe I was designed to work in the field that I am in. My passion and enthusiasm for human conscious expansion and all things wellness speak for itself. I am highly intuitive and have a special knack for introspection--for others as well as myself, as well as connecting with individuals on a deep emotional level while creating a safe and inviting environment. I have a gift for understanding and empathizing with whomever I encounter. Within my mission, I plan to help bring growth in self-awareness, integrative healing, understanding within the self and within the concept of identity, applicable tools for self-growth, and support to as many human beings as I can.

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