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Devon Lanei

About Me

My name is Devon Blythe, and I am a Mind-Body Practitioner and a Transformation and Life Coach. My mission is to help others heal, expand and evolve themselves and their life while providing access to the tools to do so.  I have been in the field for 12 years and have studied under some of the best in mind body medicine, coaching and alternative medicine. I have a deep passion for helping others create wholeness, happiness and well-being in their life and once you realize the amazing benefits of alternative medicine and therapies, your life will often be changed for the better.

I started out my career in manipulative and manual therapies such as massage therapy, structural relief therapies and wellness coaching. I then found a love for helping others go deep within themselves in order to find healing, wholeness, clarity and happiness. I soon realized that focusing on one area of our system was limiting people’s ability to heal the root cause of their ailments. What I later discovered was by taking a holistic approach to healing, my clients were able to overcome any negative or unwanted ailments within their self and their life.

I am certified in mind-body medicine, mastery coaching, ayurvedic lifestyle counseling, vibrational medicine and I am licensed in massage therapy. I have an educational background in psycho-somatic healing, trauma completion, psychological integration, meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, soma-cognition training, mental reframing, transpersonal psychology, spiritual counseling, shadow work, and parts work integration.

The main method I use in my healing practice is Integrative Dialogue Facilitation. IDF was a method I developed over the years after many applications of other healing modalities not resolving the root cause of my clients unwanted conditions but rather seemed to operate as a coping mechanism instead. If you know anything about me, I am deeply committed to finding permanent resolve within the psychological, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies. I want my clients to leave their sessions with me feeling like they can move forward with their life and not have to cope with any psychological or emotional disorders.

IDF uses parts work, dis-identification, transpersonal perspective and awareness, jungarian dialoguing, mindful presence, somatic experiencing, mental reframing and trauma completion. It also incorporates 3 levels of psychological integration to bring the client into a state of whole and cohesion which results in optimal health, full development of one’s psyche, nervous system regulation, and supports the well-being in the individual.  

In my years of practice, IDF has been proven to treat depression, general anxiety disorders, OCD, stress related imbalances, resolves dissociative states and psychosis, trauma patterns, and emotional triggers—just to name a few. It can also be used in the treatment of physical ailments and energetic imbalances within one’s system as well.

Eventually I found a love and a passion for coaching as well. Coaching focuses on the clients’ goals, self-improvement and ultimately supports one in reaching their full potential. I find that through applying the healing work and coupling that with coaching, it created a beautiful foundation for supporting my clients wherever they are while assisting them in the progression of their health, happiness and well-being. Coaching and general counseling adds support in more of the grounded, day to day blocks that we may experience in our lives. Through this work I can help clients become their best self, live the life that they truly desire, build healthy relationships with others, bring more purpose and joy to one’s career, assist in working through financial trauma to build a better relationship with money, help cultivate self-love, self-worth and self confidence among various other areas of oneself and life.

I believe I was designed to work in the field that I am in. My passion and enthusiasm for human conscious expansion and all things wellness speak for itself. I am highly intuitive and have a special knack for introspection--for others as well as myself, as well as connecting with individuals on a deep emotional level while creating a safe and inviting environment. I have a gift for understanding and empathizing with whomever I encounter. Within my mission, I plan to help bring growth in self-awareness, integrative healing, understanding within the self and within the concept of identity, applicable tools for self-growth, and support to as many human beings as I can.

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