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One on One Services

We are happy to provide you with uniquely cultivated one on one services designed to support your personal growth, healing and development. From our CAM therapeutic counseling containers, accelerated growth and goal coaching guidance, and our long-term support programs, we offer a holistic approach to healing and life transitions, as well as an opportunity to reach your full potential and achieve true, long-lasting happiness.

Helping You Achieve Greater Happiness
Optimizing Your Well-being.

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Adult Services




Moving Through the Barriers

MTB is a focused container designed to pinpoint the areas of your life that are causing you to feel the most imbalanced.


This can include but is not limited to:



-Burn Out




-Low Energy

-Negative Thinking


- Unhappy


And it does so by first creating awareness about why you are manifesting these symptoms, addresses the root cause through an integrative mind-body approach and creates strategic action steps to implement long term change.



The Goal Accelerator 

TGA is a focused container designed to help you reach your goals by working at the root of any issue or block holding you back from what you want.


This can include but is not limited to goals pertaining to:




-Health/ Fitness

-Self Care



-Personal Growth and Development


Through our collaborative efforts, we will peel back what is holding you back and create a grounded, strategic plan to help you get what you want and build the life of your dreams. 

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