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One on One Services

We are happy to provide you with uniquely cultivated one on one services designed to support your personal growth, healing and development. From CAM therapeutic counseling, accelerated growth and goal coaching, and long-term support in our Self Mastery Programs, we offer a holistic approach to healing and life transitions, as well as an opportunity to reach your full potential and achieve true, long lasting happiness.

Helping You Achieve Your Happiness

and Optimal Well-being.

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Adult Services

Guided From Self

This program operates in a therapeutic container and works on multiple layers of the self to facilitate deep healing and transformation. This container serves individuals who want to find long lasting resolve in the areas of their lives that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns that do not support their best self and their happiness.



Moving Through The Barriers

Moving Through the Barriers helps ambitious and growth-oriented people accelerate the accomplishments of their goals by transforming the parts of themselves that do not align with their desires. This program works on the deepest level of self to create identity transformation which is key in the achievement of what one wants. This program also focuses on not only identity transformation but also energetics, mindset and aligned action.


Self Mastery

This program is for individuals who are looking to create deep transformation in themselves and their lives. This program provides a therapeutic container for healing and transforming unwanted patterns while simultaneously focuses on goal acceleration and identify transformation. This program is not only for the individual who wants to embody their best self but who also wants to reach their full potential. 

Get Your Teen the Help They Need.

Check out our teen one on one services below. 

Adolescent Services

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