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Integrative Dialogue Facilitation. 

Integrative Dialogue Facilitation or IDF is a holistic therapeutic method that focuses on healing unwanted patterns and feelings that do not support the health and happiness of an individual. Its primary focus is to discover what is driving the unwanted circumstance and integrate it at its root so that the client can experience permanent resolve within themselves and their life. IDF works to access the core of any problem and creates resolution within the problem through a series of steps that move the client from a place of distress to resolve.

A Comprehensive and Holisitc Approach to Healing.

Integrative Dialogue Facilitation works to identify the current unwanted situation and creates an understanding of the problem from a deeper perspective. IDF works to cultivate self-awareness on 5 different levels: the somatic level, the emotional level, the mental level, the behavioral level and within the unconscious realms. IDF then works to resolve the problem at each one of these levels within the client so that the client can experience full resolution of the unwanted experience. From this resolution, the client is now able to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the situation.

IDF works to create wholeness within the individual by supporting integration on 3 different levels of their being. This integration occurs on the patterning level, the sub-parts level, and the conscious level of an individual.

The client can expect these results from each level of integration:

  • Integration on the patterning level results in feeling somatically and emotionally better while reframing outdated belief systems that did not support the client’s health, happiness, and well-being.

  • Integration on the subconscious-parts level creates internal harmony and resolves within the internal parts of oneself that are stuck in opposition and fragmentation.

  • Integration on the subconscious to conscious level results in increased inner peace, increased presence, and enhanced well-being.

IDF then assists the client through processing the healing that has occurred through a series of reflective and cognitive exercises. From here the client is now able to access what needs may have been missing in their life, how to go about life from this newfound perspective and how to take aligned action to support them on their journey to a happier self.

IDF has proven to provide clients resolve with:




               -Emotional Triggers

               -Low Self Esteem

               -Poor Body Image

               -Low Confidence



And can support the client in the resolve of many other areas of mental, emotional, or behavioral health disfunction. It has also been proven to assist in the healing of physical disease or impairment by applying groundbreaking approaches to mind-body healing.

IDF is a leading-edge healing method that supports scientific based evidence on how to optimally heal and overcome your personal internal and external struggles.

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