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Moving Through the Barriers

A Goal Acceleration Program

Through the Barriers helps ambitious and growth-oriented people accelerate the accomplishments of their desires by transforming the parts of themselves that do not align with their goals. This program works on the deepest level of self to create identity transformation which is key in the achievement of what one wants. This program also focuses not only on identity transformation but also energetics, mindset and aligned action.

               Who is this program for? This program is for ambitious, growth-oriented people who want to accelerate the accomplishment of their goals and desires through rapid, personal transformation.

               How do I get results? This program operates in a coaching container that supports the client in embodying their full potential. When you are seeking to accomplish a goal, a desire, or reach a new and improved level of self, one must work to alter the aspects of self that do not support this new version of them. Together the client and I will identity what version of them is needed in order to realize their goals and then work to ground that identity through removing and altering the old aspects of self that do not support who they wish to become, all while simultaneously creating a new version of themselves that supports the success of their goals.


This program not only focuses on aligned action but more importantly the subconscious, somatic and mental aspects of self, as these parts of self-precede the action portion towards our goals. Without the inner work first, the client drastically slows down the progression of their goals, has to apply an immense amount of effort to reach their goals and could possibly not reach their goal(s) if there are too many inner blocks.

By removing the inner blocks and focusing on the somatic, energetic and identity levels of themselves first, aligned action becomes the byproduct of that work, and the client seamlessly moves in the direction of what is wanted. By doing so, the client guarantees the success and achievement of their desires.

This program is particularly great for:

               -Clients who value growth, personal expansion and who want to reach their full potential

               -Clients who have big visions and who want help accelerating the manifestation of their vision

               -Clients who are Entrepreneurs, and business owners

               -Clients who know deep inside them that they can achieve their goals but need help working through their blocks to get there

               -Clients who have a desire to find and fulfill their life purpose

               -Clients who desire to become the best version of themselves

What is the process?

This program uses leading edge tools backed by science-based evidence to provide the client with a specialized formula that has been proven to yield massive success. The client can expect to work on the somatic, emotional, mental, behavioral, and subconscious levels of self to support full alignment with what they want. This program will provide the client with an understanding on how the law of consciousness works and how when you master feeling, you master your life.


The client will learn about the law of attraction and how that law functions in the manifestation of their life while also learning all of the short cuts I have developed to accelerate them through their growth journey. This program will accelerate one’s achievement of their goals as long as the client stays accountable and consistent in the program. There has not been one person who has not had success in this program.

Duration: This program is held in 3 month, 6 months and 1 year containers with 3-60 minute sessions per month with an integration session off every 4th week. The client will be given readings, homework as needed, and follow-up assignments to better assist them in the achievement of their end goal.

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