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"I have committed my life to helping others heal and build a life that they are happy with. It is my life's mission to help as many people as I can realize that the way to achieve their best self and further their best life is to commit to the inner journey, which incorporates navigating the blocks that come up to what you want, your happiness and your overall well-being. I powerfully believe that when you merge inner healing work with the tools that help you reach your full potential, you are able to access levels of happiness, success and achievement that once would not be possible. Your power and capabilities reach far beyond what the mind can see, and it is my intention to introduce to you all the greatness that lies within."

Devon Lanei

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Client Testimony

Client testimony
"Thanks to Devon's guidance and support, I have witnessed profound shifts in various areas of my life. I have experienced emotional healing, gained clarity on my purpose, and unlocked a newfound confidence that propels me toward my biggest dreams. Devon's Self Mastery Program instilled in me the belief that I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
Over the course of two years, Devon's unwavering dedication to my growth and success became abundantly clear. She went above and beyond to provide personalized attention, tailoring her guidance to my unique needs and aspirations.
From the very beginning, Devon's innate ability to create a safe and nurturing space allowed me to delve deep into my inner world, uncovering layers of self-limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that were hindering my growth. Her compassionate and empathetic nature provided me with the reassurance and encouragement I needed to confront these challenges head-on.
One of the most remarkable aspects of working with Devon was her ability to keep me in the flow. With her intuitive guidance, she helped me tap into my authentic self and align my actions with my true desires. Through her unique approach, she effortlessly bridged the gap between self-discovery and practical implementation, ensuring that my personal growth journey translated into real-life results.
She has changed my life so much that I have signed up for her Self Led Training Program to hone these skills for myself. By far the BEST investment I have ever made."

Willow Charisho, Italy

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Why This Work, Works!

Devon provides a unique combination of counseling and coaching services to help you reach your unique goals, full potential and achieve lasting happiness. With over 12 years of experience, her approach is founded upon accessing the root cause of your issues and creating inner wholeness. Through her unique therapeutic model and coaching practice, she provides practical applications to cultivate self-growth and assist in root healing. Her ultimate goal is to help you access the happiness and wholeness that is innately within you. With her proven results and practical application, you can expect to reach your highest level of potential, healing and happiness.

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"My sessions with Devon accelerated some major integration in ways I wouldn't have had a clue when I first met Devon. I was in a deep desperation of my soul when I was lead to her; my spirit was in constant angst, I was struggling with every trigger as it consumed me, I felt like I was just at a constant mental breakdown, I was having extreme difficulty regulating these feelings and triggers. Little by little as each session went by, I began to realize the "trigger" isn't really the real "trigger"- rather there were underlying emotional memories from repressed aspects of myself per say that she guided me in acknowledging and integrating. After my last session with Devon, I have noticed a massive difference in myself. I have improved drastically in becoming more of a conscious observer to my thoughts that formerly I used to completely absorb and identify with, become triggered, and just spiral into an emotional breakdown along with a lot of negative self talk. I feel like Devon's expertise absolutely helped to accelerate a lot of integration that I needed to do for myself. I feel like a blockage was lifted, I'm finding myself able to tune into a higher frequency with more ease and am able to stay in that frequency longer than I used to with the constant emotional ups and downs. I can't believe how effective this inner work was, but I definitely needed Devon's guidance. I couldn't have asked for better timing, everything aligned at a time when I think I was most ready to receive the opportunity to work with Devon. I conclude in saying, that if your path was lead to Devon, follow the signs and take the opportunity to work with her. It is such a worthy investment to both Devon and to Self, without a doubt." -Kaila Denson

"I’ve worked with Devon since 2020, and I truly believe it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I really needed a lot of support and guidance on healing from trauma, mental health, personal empowerment and growth. She has met me with so much grace and wisdom every step of the way. I have had a lot of grief to work through, and I have needed quite a bit of help healing my nervous system, so safety was and continues to be a very important value for me in working with any healer. Devon has been very intentional in creating a space that is deeply safe, nourishing, and specific to my needs. She has a deep respect for the individual and their own process while marrying that with the practices she knows and trusts and has her expertise in. Her desire is to point you inwards always and to discover the root of any dis-ease in the body in order to truly heal. She has really helped me to nurture my relationship with my body and my intuition, and all of this work is moving me from a place of grief and despair to a place of health, possibility, joy and inner peace. I am so grateful, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to do the same." -Constance Mariena

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