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Thank You For Your Testimony!


I’ve loved working with you,  and I am so happy you are willing to share your authentic experience of our work together so that more people can get a sense of this work. My intention is that it helps encourage others to see what’s possible when they show up to do the work and invest in themselves.


To submit a review, you can either do a short video or written review. If this is an exchange in services, you will need to do both a written and video review. 

If you submit a google review and a video, I just want you to know I really appreciate the extra time and effort you are putting in, but I appreciate your time and energy either way! ❤️


To submit a video review, please take a moment to record on your phone or device, (no more than 1-3 minutes long) and email the video to the link below.

Please include your full name with the video submission.

If you feel called to write a google review, please find directions below.

By submitting this, you agree to the testimonial release form that you can view below.

With so much gratitude,



TMC Team

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