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Guided From Self

Guided From Self helps people make empowered decisions from their center instead of from fear, lack or reactivity. Whenever we notice that we are getting pulled out of our center and into a state of resistance, it is our call that something is coming up that needs to be addressed and that wants to be cleared. In doing so, you return back to yourself from a newly aware, confident, and empowered state which allows you to navigate any past or present circumstance from clarity and alignment.

Coaching and Therapy

Who is it for?

Individuals who want to feel empowered and in control of themselves and their lives.

How can this program help you?


This program operates in a therapeutic container and works on multiple layers of the self to facilitate deep transformation. This container serves individuals who want to find long lasting resolve in the areas of their lives that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns that do not support their best self and their happiness. I help my clients better themselves by accessing the root cause of these patterns that prevent them from moving forward. Through resolving the root cause of their pain point, my clients can deepen their self-awareness, gain clarity on what they want and subsequently reveal what brings them deep and purposeful fulfillment. From this clarity, we work together to create an aligned action plan to help them move forward from a centered, clear, and grounded place.

This results in more confidence, empowerment, and joy in my clients’ lives. This further supports my clients in developing deep and meaningful relationships, assist them in accessing their most authentic selves, helps them regulate their emotions, assist in the alignment of their ideal careers, environments, relationships, and communities all while supporting them in creating the life they want to live.

Am I a good fit for this program?

This program is especially great for:

               -Clients who are going through life transitions and need help navigating uncertainty

               -Clients who want to work through their emotional triggers so that they lead from a clear, centered, and grounded place.

               -Clients who want to create more fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

               -Clients who want to break free from the patterns that hold them back from their best self.

               -Clients who want to feel a sense of empowerment and control in themselves and in their life.

               -Clients who feel stuck in negative mental, emotional, or behavioral patterns that they want to break-free from.

How does this program work?


This program uses a method called Integrative Dialogue Facilitation which is a healing process developed to assist others in accessing and resolving inner conflict at its root. This container works heavily with the somatic, mental, and subconscious aspects of self as these largely contribute to the health and function of oneself.  In IDF the client can expect to work with not only their mind, beliefs, and behaviors but their emotions and felt perceptions in the body. In incorporating this holistic approach to healing and well-being the client can expect to find permanent resolve in any area of themselves and their life.

The client can expect to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and why these patterns have been formed. The client can also expect psycho-education as needed to help the further their understanding of themselves, how they work and how to move forward in a way that supports alignment in all areas of their life.

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